Ronel's Dream

Ronel had only one dream, and that was to go to Disney World with the rest of his housemates. Unfortunately, his financial situation sadly made it impossible for him to do this. Not wanting to leave Ronel behind while the rest of his housemates travelled to Florida, the support staff at Ronel's home rallied together.

After a number of bake sales, raffles and lots of help from friends and family, enough money was raised to cover the cost of Ronel's accommodation and travel. The only pieces missing were luggage and a small amount of spending money. Through the Choices that can Change Lives Fund, a small grant was provided to help make Ronel's dream a reality. This, along with a set of donated luggage, and he was all set to go! Ronel had a fabulous trip and his memories will last a lifetime!

This partnership between Community Living Toronto staff, friends, family and the Choices that can Change Lives Fund is a perfect example of how a little money and a lot of persistence can go a long way!