Pat's Story

Can you imagine never being able to go on vacation or take a week off – just because you need a break?

Pat can. Until recently, she couldn’t remember the last time she had been able to take a break.

Pat is an individual in support at Community Living Toronto. She has no family supports, does not qualify for ODSP or Employment Supports.

To support herself, Pat cleans homes and simply cannot take time off without losing income. She’s self- employed, has no benefits and for her taking time off would lead to so many financial and emotional challenges.

Through the support of the Choices that can Change Lives Fund, Pat was able to take that much needed break. A grant was provided to cover her weekly wages of $250 with a little extra that allowed her to pamper herself and take in a movie and dinner with friends.

“This break relieved a lot of tension and helped clear my thoughts. “ Says Pat “It was nice to be able to dress up and go out. Thank you, this has really helped me.” Refreshed and renewed Pat is now able to take on new challenges.